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Why Good wine matters

As a herbalist dedicated to conscious food choices, I became increasingly horrified by the use of additives in US-produced and mass-produced wines. To address this, I began sampling only artisanal wines, directly from the farmer, and a passion for bringing high-quality, organic, biodynamic, and regenerative organic wines to Lancaster, Pennsylvania was born. Now, three years later, I am excited to launch Vine Bar, an artisan winery collective that promotes the work of sustainable winemakers around the world. My mission is to educate and excite your palate by introducing wines that express tradition, sustainable farming, and artistry in each bottle.

~ Justina

Our Story

Our curated wine selection highlights the unique relationship between land, tradition, and artisan.  At Vine Bar, we represent winemakers devoted to soil health, sustainability, and native varietals.  Artists with a passion for their craft, tradition, and community.  Having a personal relationship with each winemaker, Justina and Craig are committed to offering an immersive wine experience designed to educate and excite your palate. 

At Vine Bar, you will be able to explore each wine region by bottle, carafe, glass, or flight. This is our mission.  

This is art for the taste buds!

Great Wines from the source

We are committed to offering only the highest quality organic Italian wines. We carefully source our wines directly from farmers who share our dedication to organic farming practices, ensuring that every bottle is of the utmost quality and authenticity.


Explore our selection of sustainable, living wines, and experience the transformative relationship of artisan and terroir in each bottle.





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