Meet the Farmer: Bosco de Medici “History is our Future”

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Set against the backdrop of a towering Vesuvius and steps from ancient Pompeii, the Bosco de’ Medici family winery is recreating history.  It all started in the early 1900’s with Raffaele, who discovered his passion for viticulture while walking among the vineyards in the Vesuvius area. This passion led to the first winemaking experiments in the cellar of an eighteenth-century farmhouse owned by the family.

Over time, his family continued to cultivate this passion and in 1996, the Bosco de’ Medici winery was officially founded.  However it wasn’t until 2014 that Raffaele’s grandchildren decided to honor their grandfather’s passion and begin marketing wines under the Bosco de’ Medici brand.  

The winery is located on eight hectares of land consisting of small organic and biodynamic plots of largely ungrafted vines, unaffected by phylloxera. These vines produce mineral-rich wines that are representative of the ancient volcanic soil found in the area. The vineyards, some of which are a century old and stretch across the Mt. Vesuvius, are a testament to the family’s commitment to preserving the history of the region.  Piedirosso, the same grape varietal grown by the ancient Romans in this area, is still being produced and fermented in terracotta vessels in the Bosco de Medici cellar!  One sip and you are transported back in time, experiencing the rich history of winemaking in the Vesuvius region.


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