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Trebbiano Spoletino is a unique white grape variety that is native to the Umbria region of Italy, particularly in and around Spoleto (which gained DOC status in 2011).  It is known for producing wines with a delicate floral aroma, a lively acidity, and a rich, full-bodied texture. Trebbiano Spoletino is not to be confused with the better known, yet mediocre, Trebbiano Toscano of no genetic relation.

Trebbiano Spoletino grape is typically grown in limestone-rich soils, which can impart a mineral character to the wines.  The wines can range from pale yellow to deep golden in color with a long masseration.  You’ll note flavors of citrus, peach, and apricot, along with a hint of almond and salinity on the finish.  These rich characteristics make Trebbiano Spoletino a great match for seafood, or lake fish if you’re visiting Lake Trasimeno, white meats, as well as mushrooms and truffles. 

Historically, this varietal was used as a blending grape, but winemakers like Nicola Chiucchiurlotto, have started to focus more on the unique qualities of the grape and are producing single-varietal wines that showcase its distinctive character.  Two examples of single varietal Trebbiano Spoletino are Madrevite’s Il Reminore, and the PET-NAT Futura.

I encourage you to check out this grape variety, especially those that identify as “non white white drinkers!” 


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